Mill-Pro achieves new milestone DFT with the Longkey Process

longkeyMill-Pro is pleased to announce that in recent testing its exclusive Longkey system was able to achieve an AS3750.2 compliant, 1500 micron DFT coating of Ultra High Build epoxy.

The Longkey automated coating system is already a world leading application technology,  offering  hot-applied hot-cured coating of piles at a rate of 1 metre per minute with a full curing time of only twelve minutes. The enclosed nature of the system and the rapid coating time allows Mill-Pro to fully coat non-spliced piles in lengths up to and exceeding 50 metres length in very short periods or time without weather playing a factor. In addition UHB epoxy applied by the Longkey system demonstrates adhesion, impact resistance and abrasion resistance 30-40% better than when applied by manual application processes.

This new breakthrough confirms Mill-Pro’s commitment to innovation and providing world leading solutions to our clients.

For more information please view the our Longkey pamphlet or contact us direct