Quality products tailored to your requirements

Mill-Pro can offer clients a wide range of products and services including structural steel fabrication, specialist concrete structures, sheet and spiral wound piles, API line-pipe, DICL & MSCL water pipe, HDPE pipe, highly developed automated coating systems and more for civil, structural and marine applications in the mining, infrastructure and oil & gas industries.

All of our suppliers and contractors adhere to a comprehensive quality and safety regime that includes rigourous pre-screening, certification to international standards, the employment of 3rd party testing agencies and approval by Mill-Pro’s own in-house insection services. You can read more about our commitment to quality here.

To allow for the greatest possible speed and ease of product utilisation, Mill-pro’s product range is designed to be ready for use with as little on site preparation as possible, with factors such as waterfront access, the provision of soft slings and lifting equipment, transport and delivery, and storage solutions all considered depending on your project’s circumstances.