Anchor Systems

Mill-PRO offers a range of anchor systems for your marine and structural needs.

Anchor Bar

Typically, anchor bars are used in piling situations where a pile has hit rock during driving and cannot achieve the desired depth for it to be structurally competent. Anchors can take the form of pin piles or solid round bars which have weld beading on the outside to provide a key for the grout which is poured inside the pile to secure it to the anchor. First, a hole is drilled in the rock slightly larger than the diameter of the anchor to a prescribed depth. The anchor is then lowered into position and grouted into place making the pile and anchor a composite unit.

Mill-PRO’s pile manufacturing mills produce pin anchors to client specified lengths, whilst our steel mills produce the forged solid round bar in 5-10 metre lengths which are spliced in-house to lengths of 30 metres. All are subjected to the same quality control regime as other Mill-PRO products.


To complement our range of sheet piles, Mill-PRO is pleased to offer a selction of high quality tie rods.