Coating Systems

Mill-PRO has a unique cost, time and quality advantage over its competitors regarding surface treatment. Detailed below are two of our most popular coating systems. Other coating solutions available upon request.


longk2Hot Applied Hot Cured (HAHC) Epoxy System

The HAHC Epoxy system sets a new industry benchmark for coating long piles and pipes. It is a hot applied, hot cured, fully automated, totally enclosed, continuous process whereby piles are blasted and painted at elevated temperatures in a totally enclosed environment unaffected by changes in ambient weather conditions. A 50 metre long, 1200mm diameter pile will take about 45 minutes to blast, coat and cure to the point it is able to be handled and stacked without compromising the integrity of the coating. DFT’s up to 1500 microns are easily achievable in a single coat with vastly superior performance in adhesion, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and service life in marine environments. Repair methods are established and straight-forward. This process guarantees consistent DFT’s and compliant NDE results, whereas no manually-applied coating system can compare on any level.

TR33LPE Process

The three layer polyethylene wrapping process is also a continuous process performed in an enclosed environment at elevated temperatures. This process also performs well in marine installations and is preferred by some clients. It is durable and easily repaired.