Steel Pipe & Fittings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMill-PRO is able to supply a wide range of pipe products in a variety of grades that can used for many applications.


UOE, JCOE & ERW pipes can have wall thicknesses up to 80mm which makes them suitable for heavy structural purposes and are commonly used for legs on offshore installations. They also offer advantages over spiral wound pipe in terms of their ability to resist pressure due to their higher wall thicknesses. There are however, manufacturing limitations on lengths ranging from 2.0m to 12.5m, so multiple splices are required for structural and piping applications.


Spiral Wound Pipes can have multiple uses for the transmission of fluids and gasses. They also have the advantage of continuous manufacture un-spliced, up to and exceeding 60m length. However, they have limitations regarding working pressure due to having a maximum wall thickness of 25mm.


API Line-pipe is used primarily in the petro-chemical industry and often operated under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Accordingly, it can be manufactured in a range of configurations such as spiral welded ,UOE, JCOE and ERW pipe. During manufacture, these pipes undergo rigorous quality control processes including Ultrasonic Inspection, X-rays and hydrostatic tests. Our API Line-pipe mills are ISO9000 certified as well as carrying all the necessary API certifications.


Seamless pipe can withstand greater working pressures than their welded counterparts of equivalent wall thickness and can be manufactured in longer lengths depending on mill capacity. Mill-PRO can provide all these pipe products to client requirements.