Spiral Wound Pipe Piles

IMG_20130225_105305The most cost effective method of manufacturing tubular steel piles is the spiral welded process. Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) is used as feedstock for a spiral welded mill and once started, the process is continuous until the desired length is achieved (which can be any length according to client requirements and transport limitations). The edges are welded inside and outside simultaneously using a fully automated submerged arc process. Spiral welded pipes and piles are manufactured to tight tolerances which are specified in our Manufacturing Procedure Specifications (MPS).

Pile Size ranges
  • Outside Diameter (OD) 150mm to 2000mm
  • Wall thickness from 5mm up to 25mm
  • Un-spliced lengths over 60m (Note: piles longer than 60m can become problematic to handle and transport)
Advantages of Spiral Wound Piles
  • Long, continuous, un-spliced sections, allowing for delivery to site in one piece
  • Various grades of steel can be used for various applications
  • Lower cost and faster production rates than alternatives
 Options and Accessories
  • Driving Shoes
  • Interior and exterior weld beading
  • Clutches
  • Lifting holes, shear rings & end covers
  • Additional modifications (brackets, tongue plates etc) also available