Quality Control and Inspection

Mill-PRO inspection personnel are qualified, experienced and available full-time to ensure optimum risk mitigation during procurement, fabrication, special processes, inspection & testing, documentation & logistics functions.

Mill-PRO’s local and international Quality Control & Inspection team provides comprehensive coverage during all aspects of the works from procurement to dispatch, including material & welding verification & traceability, NDE, Project-specific Quality Plans, Inspection & Test Plans, Manufacturing Procedure Specifications, Progress Reports, Technical Queries, As-Built Drawings, Manufacturer’s Data Reports and any other documentation specified by clients or regulatory/statutory bodies.

Mill-PRO can offer the above inspection services on a 3rd Party basis to clients without the resources to maintain a full-time presence overseas. These can range from a full suite of services to the most basic services.

We can also carry out comprehensive Shop Surveys of potential contractors on a client’s behalf, both locally and overseas.